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920 Hillcrest Drive

Vernon, TX 76384

+1 940 552 9351

COVID-19 Testing- Update

In response to increased call volume regarding COVID-19 Testing, we would like to let everyone know the following:
1. No results have been received for testing done 7/08/2020 through 07/13/2020. Results are taking 7-10 days based on volume. However, recent increased volume in testing could result in even longer wait times for results.
2. A representative of WGH will make contact with you once your test results are received.
3. Anyone may access their medical records from the WGH Patient Portal at If you would like to see if your results have been posted to your electronic medical record prior to receiving a phone call, this is an excellent tool to use.
4. Drive up testing will continue through this Friday, July 17th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please call 552-1199 to register for testing and make an appointment.

We appreciate your patience and continued support!