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Hospital Purchases New Endoscopy System

In an ongoing effort to upgrade its medical equipment, Wilbarger General Hospital recently purchased and installed new high-definition digital endoscopy equipment in its surgery department. The equipment has the latest digital technology and WGH is the first hospital in the country to have this system from Fujinon.

  • The new, state-of-the-art equipment is far superior to the endoscopy system it is replacing. The new system includes:
  • advanced image technology that produces crystal clear images;
  • anti-blur function to allow single images to be extracted from multiple pictures;
  • picture-in-picture format that allows the physician to simultaneously view a live and frozen image; and
  • user-friendly menus for enhanced operability.

“Having this new equipment makes detection of even the smallest lesions accurate and timely,” said Dr. John Lang, a surgeon with the Wilbarger General Medical Group. “The test is faster and more comfortable than with the older equipment because the new endoscopes are smaller and more flexible so they travel through the colon better.”

The digital technology provides high resolution images as close as 2mm with very little distortion. This allows a closer investigation of the surfaces and may help physicians identify premalignant lesions.

“I’m thrilled to have this new, state-of-the-art equipment,” said general surgeon Dr. Reynaldo Tolentino, who has performed procedures at WGH for many years. “The high definition pictures are so good we can better diagnose the smallest lesions.”
The scopes are equipped with the latest digital technology which enables exceptional high-resolution video imaging, and clear, high definition still photos. The technology delivers images with extremely sharp and accurate color representation for accurate and reliable patient diagnosis.

The new endoscopy unit processes the electronic signals transmitted from a video camera inside the colonoscope or gastroscope. These devices allows the physician to see the upper and lower digestive tract and, allows the doctor to observe, diagnosis and endoscopicly treat the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, rectum and large intestine.With the incidence of cancer among the U.S. population expected to increase over the next five years, early detection is extremely important. With an increase in referrals for colo-rectal screenings and diagnosis also expected, Wilbarger General’s decision to update its endoscopy equipment ensures area residents will continue to receive the highest standard of care from the hospital.