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Hospitalist Program to Begin Aug. 15

August 11, 2016

It is an exciting time at Wilbarger General Hospital, as the facility is preparing to launch another new service to benefit the community and the local medical staff. The service is called a Hospitalist Program and is quickly becoming the standard for inpatient hospital care throughout the United States.

Hospitalist programs provide patients who are hospitalized with attending physicians who work either exclusively or primarily in the inpatient setting. In other words, hospitalists are doctors who are specialists in in-patient care. This means a doctor is always in the hospital and ready to devote his, or her, time and energy to making sure patients have immediate and focused medical attention.

Hospitalist programs have enjoyed broad support across the medical community for a variety of reasons. First, they ease the burden of the often overworked members of the Medical Staff, who have historically tried to serve the needs of both their clinic patients and hospital patients. Second, hospitalists assist hospitals in the implementation of contemporary quality practices, making it easier to track and work to improve the outcomes of care. And third, having physicians dedicated to seeing inpatients makes the process of admission quicker and more convenient for the patients that hospitals are here to serve.

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