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New Company Providing ER Physicians

March 15, 2017

With its eye on improving the health care service residents of Wilbarger, Foard and Hardeman counties receive when they walk through the door, Wilbarger General Hospital has made a change in its Emergency Room. After years of using the company EmCare to provide physicians for the ER, Wilbarger General has made the decision to partner with Texas-based Concord Medical Group.

The switch to using physicians provided by Concord Medical Group occurred on Tuesday, March 7.

“We determined that Concord Medical Group was a better fit for us,” said Wilbarger General CEO Claudia Eisenmann. “EmCare is based in Maryland and we wanted a company that had a better feel for rural health care and Texas in particular.

“Concord is based in Lubbock and understands the culture and mission of rural healthcare throughout the state,” she continued. “We believe we will have more engagement from their front office and experience improved collaboration around issues of quality. Concord also understands our focus on customer service, and that is key for us.”

Concord Medical Group is a physician-owned and operated organization. Since opening its doors in 2001, Concord has become a leader in quality Emergency and Hospitalist management.

Dr. Kyle Sheets created Concord in 2001 to meet the needs of rural hospitals in the West Texas area, and in the last 16 years the company has grown to serve three additional states.

“We’re extremely excited to work with Wilbarger General Hospital. WGH’s commitment to increasing patient satisfaction aligns perfectly with Concord’s goal of providing the highest quality of care possible to the community in and around Vernon,” Dr. Sheets said.

The partnership with Concord will benefit patients in Wilbarger County and the surrounding areas by raising the bar on emergency department quality and service. WGH’s commitment to providing the highest quality care for its patients by implementing creative new solutions aligns perfectly with Concord’s objectives as well.

Concord’s goals within the facility are to provide an exceptional patient experience, unparalleled clinical quality, and efficient workflow.  To achieve these objectives, Concord supplies qualified physicians who work jointly with WGH’s clinical staff to ensure the best possible outcome of care for Emergency Department patients. 

While most of the physicians practicing in the ED will be new to WGH, two familiar faces will remain a part of the physicians rotating through the department. They are long-time ED physicians Dr. Francis Anwasi and Dr. DeShawn Stewart, both of whom are widely respected by members of the local medical community and patients alike. They will now be employed by Concord.