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Pain Science Education Program To Be Offered

May 30, 2018

At one time or another, everyone has suffered some sort of physical pain. However, there are some who suffer from constant pain. In other words – pain is normal, living in pain is not. For those individuals who live in pain, understanding their pain could be extremely beneficial and that is why Wilbarger General Hospital will be hosting a Pain Science Education Group in June.

The group will meet at 6 p.m., every Thursday in June, in the WGH Cafeteria. Individuals attending the four-part series will explore the neuroscience of pain, which includes physical therapy, pain management medicine along with cognitive behavior aspects of this world-wide issue. Each class will last approximately one hour.

“We will look at a variety of issues concerning pain,” said Shelley Gillis, a physical therapist with the WGH Rehab Department, who is the program leader. “We will look at understanding how and why pain occurs. We will identify the body systems that directly influence pain. We will look at understanding why pain can become widespread to multiple regions of the body. And, we will look at appreciating how pain can be treated by a multidisciplinary approach and through self initiation.”

Gillis will be the speaker at the June 7 meeting, as she will give an introduction to pain science. Dr. Sanjoy Sundresan will speak on pain management on June 14. Individuals attending the group will receive a pain science workbook and Gillis will go over the workbook during the June 21 meeting. Cognitive behavior will be the subject of the June 28 meeting, with guest speaker Lisa Puckett.

While all pain is 100 percent real for the person who is suffering, Gillis said there is a misconception when it comes to how the body processes pain. She said the perception that nerves produce pain is incorrect. She said nerves are stimuli sensors.

“Vision, hearing and pain are all really produced the same way,” Gillis said. “Eyes have light sensors and the brain produces vision. Ears have vibration sensors and the brain produces hearing. Tissues have nocieptors (nerves) and the brain produces pain.”

The nervous system acts like a security system for the body. Through this Pain Science Education Group, members will learn to understand the system and ways to calm the system.

There is no charge to attend the Pain Science Education Group. Individuals may sign up for the group through the Wilbarger General Hospital Rehab Department at 553-2857.