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WGH Earns National Awards

November 15, 2017

Each year two organizations, The Chartis Center for Rural Health/iVantage Health Analytics and the National Organization of State Office of Rural Health, join to recognize top rural hospitals across the nation in a number of key categories. For 2017 Wilbarger General Hospital has been recognized for excellence in the categories of Quality, Outcomes and Patient Perspective (Satisfaction).

Earning this elite status means Wilbarger General has achieved a top quartile performance among all rural hospitals in the nation.

To put this in perspective, Wilbarger General was among 14 rural hospitals in Texas to receive a performance award in Quality; was one of 30 rural hospitals in Texas to receive a performance award in Outcomes; and was one of 32 rural hospitals in Texas to receive a performance award in Patient Perspective.

Of all of those facilities, only two rural hospitals in Texas received performance awards in all three categories. Wilbarger General Hospital was one of those facilities.

“In June of 2015, Wilbarger General was a struggling rural hospital trying to find a way to survive.” said Claudia Eisenmann, CEO of Wilbarger General. “But we were not willing to let that be our narrative, so we began the process of transformation. Today, we are a thriving organization with benchmark performance in many key hospital indicators. The recognition from the Chartis Group and the State Office of Rural Health validates what we always knew -- when you focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and exceptional clinical care, good things happen for everyone.”

The rankings are determined each year using iVantage Health Analytics’ Hospital Strength INDEX, the industry’s most comprehensive and objective assessment of rural hospital performance. In partnership with the National Organization of State Office of Rural Health, iVantage health Analytics has developed a data-driven program designed to identify excellence across a broad spectrum of indicators relevant to hospital performance and patient care.

The Hospital Strength INDEX captures performance metrics for all rural and Critical Access Hospitals. Leveraging data from public data sources, the INDEX aggregates data from more than 50 individual metrics into three major categories and eight pillars to derive a single strength overall rating for each facility.

As Eisenmann explained, “In 2015, our hospital strength INDEX score was 24.8, which was the bottom quartile among hospitals across the country. By 2016, we had improved our score to 74.8, which was the second quartile. In August of 2017, we achieved an INDEX score of 96, just four points below a perfect 100.”

The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health was established in 1995 to assist State Offices of Rural Health in their efforts to improve access to, and the quality of, health care for America’s 61 million rural citizens. The national organization enhances the capacity of the state offices to do this by supporting the development of state and community rural health leaders; creating and facilitating state, regional and national partnerships that foster information sharing and spur rural health-related programs/activities; and enhancing access to quality healthcare services in rural communities.