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Alternatives Program

Our Alternatives Program focuses on helping senior adults who may find it difficult to face the changes and challenges that come with growing older, and that can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming.

This intensive outpatient program is geared towards senior adults. The goal of the program is to help you recognize the problems keeping you from having a healthy and positive life as you age. The program is devoted to providing opportunities to explore, address and find healthy solutions in coping with those problems.

Alternatives provides a therapeutic environment for individual, group and family counseling. Group meetings are held each morning, Monday through Friday. The treatment focuses on providing you the time and attention needed to be able to understand and cope with your life.

Areas of concentration include: grief & loss; depression; anxiety; coping skills; stress management; cognitive restructuring; anger management; and health & wellness education.

Call today for more information or a free consultation to determine if you, or a loved one, could benefit from program services. 940-553-2952.