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WGH Opens COVID Unit amid uptick in Testing numbers

WGH made the decision Thursday morning to move forward with the opening of a Covid-19 unit. This decision comes in response to the recent spike in cases in Wichita Falls and uptick in testing numbers locally. “We want to be prepared for these patients should we begin to see more cases locally and protect the other areas of the hospital where non-covid patients are treated” said Dr. Travis Lehman in an interview Thursday. “It is imperative we take every precaution to protect our staff, patients, and community.”

The Covid-19 unit will have dedicated staffing and will be located on the first floor in the Rehabilitation department. This location provides access to ventilation needed for respiratory treatments and vent patients as well as a private access to an outdoor area for ambulance transfer if needed.

As of Thursday afternoon, no new visitor restrictions have been put in place but should a hospitalized patient test positive for Covid-19, visitors would be prohibited from entering the hospital. However, we would like to remind everyone to please wear your own face covering or mask when visiting the hospital. No one will be allowed to enter the hospital without a mask. WGH appreciates the community’s continued support of our efforts to stop the spread and keep our community safe.