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Wilbarger General Hospital Celebrates Radiology Staff during National Radiologic Technology Week

Wilbarger General Hospital will celebrate the important role that diagnostic imaging has had in the field of medicine and the invention of the X-ray during National Radiologic Technology Week, Nov. 3-9.

Diagnostic imaging has greatly improved since the X-ray was first discovered in 1895. According to Diane Bumpass, Radiology Director, the invention of the X-ray plays an instrumental role in providing high-quality patient care.

“Most people know that the X-ray is used to produce images of inside the body,” she said. “But the general public often doesn’t know about the various advanced radiology systems that perform sophisticated medical tests using X-rays, such as low dose CT lung cancer screenings and cardiac calcium scoring to detect plaque in the heart.”

The radiology staff at Wilbarger General Hospital is composed of nine full time and three PRN radiologic technologists, and performs over 12,000 exams annually, including CAT scan, MRI, ultrasounds, mammograms and DEXA scans.

“X-ray technology allows us to produce high-quality images that help physicians quickly and accurately detect, diagnose and treat injury and illness,” Bumpass said. “Our team is extremely dedicated to providing the best possible patient care, and we’re excited to celebrate our achievements during National Radiologic Technology Week.”

For more information about the diagnostic imaging department at Wilbarger General Hospital or to learn more about X-ray Discovery Day and National Rad Tech Week, contact the Radiology Department at 940-553-2856.